Richard Charnigo, Ph.D.

Professor of Statistics and Biostatistics

University Research Professor, 2014-2015

University of Kentucky



Contact Information


Multidisciplinary Science Building 203

725 Rose Street, University of Kentucky

Lexington, Kentucky 40536-0082


phone:  859.218.2072


primary e-mail:  RJCharn2  at 


secondary e-mail:  richard.charnigo  at 





Vita (updated October 2017)





Materials from Rare Events presentations   


Materials from Mixed Modeling presentations


Materials from Trajectory Modeling presentations


Materials from Generalized Linear Mixed Modeling presentations


Materials from Multiple Linear Regression presentations


Materials from Structural Equation Modeling presentations





Spring 2018

            STA 624-001 (Applied Stochastic Processes)


Fall 2017

            CPH 682-001 (Quantitative Methods for Healthcare Management)






1. If your  e-mail address forwards to a   address, please be advised that in the past I have had difficulties with e-mails I’ve sent getting bounced.  Therefore, please set your “reply to” as your   address when corresponding with me.


2. I am not planning to recruit any new Ph.D. students (as dissertation advisor or co-advisor) until September 2018 at the earliest.


3. I do not recruit Ph.D. students sight-unseen; I recruit them only after they have been admitted to a graduate program at the University of Kentucky and exhibited some promise in their coursework here.  Therefore, if you are seeking admission to a graduate program at the University of Kentucky, please contact that program’s Director of Graduate Studies.


4. Some of my views on human subjects research and behavioural interventions have changed over time. Moreover, my co-authorship on a paper which describes human behaviours should not be taken to imply my approval of those behaviours.


5. Support of my research by a funding agency does not imply that I agree with all views or activities of the funding agency. Publication of my work by a journal does not imply that I agree with all views or activities of the journal or publisher.